Jewellery and junk

Just back from a west London jaunt. First stop, The Vintage Home Store (105 Churchfield Rd, W3). I love this shop – filled to the rafters with old wooden chairs, rustic quilts and vintage cookery books. And it’s off the beaten track too, so my little secret (until now). Then on to Ledbury Road where I spotted some dainty little charm necklaces in Aime and Paul & Joe. I couldn’t resist this sweet little bracelet in P & J by Lyie Van Rycke ( Not sure how it works though. It’s quite fragile so not ideal to get it wet but, once you’ve tied it on how the hell are you supposed to get it off? I hesitated for oh, two minutes before deciding to get it anyway.

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2 Responses to Jewellery and junk

  1. Overpriced Designer Man Bag says:

    i LOVE finding quirky things at vintage stores

  2. missx says:

    The idea of London antique shopping is enticing… I secretly love watching Antique’s Roadshow.

    PS- Thanks for all the lovely compliments on my blog, your sentiments are returned…

    Also- The only problem I have with Irina is that her career is really mostly due to Kate. And lately I’ve been so bored with every pretentious thing Kate does… but it won’t stop me from buying her Topshop collection.

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