James Long for Topman drops any day now

This is the season of the super-sweater and there are none more super than James Long’s exclusive new knits for Topman. Suitably texture-clashy in keeping with the trend for smooth-meets-hairy jumpers, these seven British-made knits arrive in store and online on Monday 12th November.

I love how they have been styled (by Bryan McMahon) on both boys and girls. Prices are £100 for a jumper and £120 for a cardigan.

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5 Responses to James Long for Topman drops any day now

  1. A says:

    I can kinda see myself in the white one. I have a romantic vision of myself going ice-skating then having a hot chocolate afterwards all while snuggled up in its snowy wool. Unfortunately that price-tag’s a tad hefty for me. Ah well, back to reality (by which I mean of course H&M).

  2. Duck says:

    When I first saw the images a while ago I was kind of disappointed – the ripped jeans, the styling etc is so *not* what I expect from the James Long brand. It’s not how his shows are styled, and those jeans… But now I’ve realised the James pieces really are just the knitwear (and I saw Joe’s jumper on Twitter) I’m a bit more intrigued. I may be tempted by the white fluffy number when they go online. Just really hope the quality is OK or I won’t hesitate to return it.

  3. Disneyrollergirl says:

    The pictures make the quality look pretty good but yeah, I guess £100 is a lot otherwise. Hmmm, or is it? everything is so expensive these days!!!

  4. Angela says:

    Fantastic! I want them both, maybe I’ll have to ask my mum to get her knitting needles out!

  5. Duck says:

    Yeah, they look really good in these photos but I’ve learned not trust photoshopped images styled on models… I saw some pictures of them on mannequins from the launch party and they didn’t look quite so good there, but Joe’s twitpic did look good.

    £100 is pretty cheap for knitwear, which makes me worry about the quality. Even to knit a men’s jumper yourself usually costs £80+ just for the wool. I hadn’t realised all the jumpers cost the same – somewhere else I saw “prices start at £100″ so I assumed that was for the polka dot scarf, ha…

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