J’adore, j’adore

J’adore these illustrations by Tanya Ling for 8A magazine.

It’s pictures like these that made me want to be a fashion illustrator back in the day. These pics are from Lulu Kennedy’s blog. Now, the question is, what is 8A magazine?

UPDATE: Ah, this is 8A magazine

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6 Responses to J’adore, j’adore

  1. That's Not My Age says:

    Lovely – and re: yesterday's post could some one please tell Peter Hook that there's room for a 'Hacienda: the early years' CD ie before the place went rave-tastic!

  2. Couture Cookie says:

    Beautiful… makes me wonder why I ever gave up on oil painting.

  3. MrJeffery says:

    these are awesome

  4. Vagabondiana says:

    I have a fantastic 'teeth' Tanya Ling coat. Here's Bip's blog – her daughter.Lovely pictorials on there too.


  5. Style Mews says:

    love the free style, its very individual!

  6. anushka says:

    these are soo lovely :)

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