J’adore Chanel

I am pretty much over all the ‘Valentines gift ideas!’ emails that are clogging up my inbox (sorry PRs) – apart from this one. Chanel’s double C logo is one of my favourite luxury logos for its graphic simplicity. Legend has it that the lampposts of Westminster are adorned with interlocking Cs as a symbol of The Duke of Westminster’s love for Coco. Sweet!

While we’re on the subject, how clever is this pic by Raymond Meier for US Vogue, styled by Elissa ‘Elissa, your shoots always look the same’ Santissi*. Sheer brilliance!

[*as Anna Wintour sniffs in The September Issue]

[Middle pic: Fashionista.com]

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12 Responses to J’adore Chanel

  1. Make Do Style says:

    Stop it you are making me want those clogs even more! Just when I resigned myself to the Russell & Bromley ones!

  2. EIGHT LONDON says:

    Simplicity chic, as ever from Chanel.

  3. Clare says:

    Never noticed those lamposts before, amazing! Glad to see her shoots have changed up a little :)


  4. Sar says:

    i always thought they looked like the Chanel C's! the vogue shoot is so inspiring.

  5. WendyB says:

    But my Valentine's Day gift suggestion isn't boring! http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2010/02/just-say-f-to-valentines-day/

  6. apparellel says:

    i couldn't afford the chanel's but i did get the jc's. those lamp posts are so awesome!!


  7. My New Favourite Thing says:

    That shoot idea was a moment of genius! I've always noticed the double c's on the lampposts – that story is adorable, hope it's true!

  8. Looking Fab in your forties says:

    Oh God, now I want a Lampost!

  9. Sarah Ann says:

    I absolutely love the Chanel clogs!


  10. laia. says:

    HA! Your Wintour quote was BRILLIANT!

  11. laia. says:

    ps. everytime i read her name i automatically think of that quote which i find kind of a bummer for her but also secretly hilarious

  12. Maya says:



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