It’s back!

There aren’t many fashion blogs out there that focus (in a non-dry way) on the business side of fashion.‘s daily news, while not strictly a blog, is good for quick snippets and Business of Fashion is definitely a firm favourite.’s Fashion Inc blog was one of my must-clicks until a few months ago when it came to an abrupt end. Well it’s now returned, minus original blogger Lauren Goldstein Crowe (who has been busy publishing her book on Jimmy Choo). The new Fashion Inc will feature a variety of guest bloggers starting with journalist Lisa Marsh. She’s written a very interesting post about Hermes’ rising sales due to the current vogue for silk scarves…

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3 Responses to It’s back!

  1. K.Line says:

    Interesting you should say this. There’s a Canadian blogger I read (Dualite) that is re-framing her site to focus more on the business element… But I agree with you.

  2. KATLIN says:

    Yeay, it’s back! Thanks for posting this, Lauren’s blog was one my daily reads and I was so sad she was gone and there was one less blog about the business side of fashion.

  3. Knackered says:

    Hi Disney:

    Thanks for the shout-out about the book. If anyone is interested I set up a page on facebook. If you become a fan you’ll get updates on parties and stuff. Search the Towering World of Jimmy Choo. Closer to pub. date I’ll probably start blogging again too. But all on my lonesome…

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