Italian khakis – who knew?

So, The Sartorialist informs me there is something called ‘Italian khakis’. Eureka! This is what I’ve been looking for forever. A skinny, ankle-length chino to wear in the summer with a half-tuck T-shirt and loafers or brogues and no socks. COS, Gap, Uniqlo et al, please take note. Girls need these…

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13 Responses to Italian khakis – who knew?

  1. Just Another Londoner says:

    I'm so glad he started posting properly again! x

  2. Caroline, No. says:

    Yeah, they're awesome. I noticed a few girls with this leg shape yesterday, weirdly, but in navy/black. Wonder where they're getting them..

  3. Jane says:

    I SO need these too. My teen son bought some for his prom and they look great, but would look just as great on women. Let us know if you find any?

    Jane – The Womens Room x

  4. A La Mode says:

    I totally agree, these are hot!

  5. That's Not My Age says:

    Sure you don't want an old pair of bootcut Marc by Marc Jacobs?

  6. Nina says:

    I need my own Italian Khakis too!

  7. Make Do Style says:

    Zara was a wash with these early on in the season but the fit was odd. Massimo Dutti also do them.

  8. Rollergirl says:

    Thank you Make Do Style, yes, I find Zara's a bit too puffy around the butt and long in the crotch.

  9. Liberty London Girl says:

    Abbreviated khakis? Yes, please. LLGxx

  10. Anastasia and Duck says:

    My mum used to wear trousers like this when she lived in the States 20 years ago…

  11. Flo E says:

    I found a brilliant pair of khakis in Zara – they look exactly like Italian ones. Definitely worth a look – so cool and comfortable.

  12. Carly says:

    I'm Visual at the Cos store in Kensington and we have a few pairs of last seasons style left, they're a really nice fit. Come and take a look. :)

  13. stylestalker says:

    Ohhh we love love our Khakis!


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