iPad mini cases – an update

Mobile gadgets are booming and so is the trade in fancy cases to carry them. Obviously the buzz is building around the iWatch and its ilk, but as they still haven’t quite hit the market yet, it’s still all about the tablet.

Brands have been a little slow on producing iPad Mini cases which surprised me at first, but then I realised there’s quite a big range of similar gadgets out there, from Kindles to Samsung Galaxy Notes and it’s impossible to produce a snazzy case for each and every one of them. Burberry is trying hard, as it should do, being such a leader in the fashion-tech space. This animal-print calfskin iPad Mini cover is in the men’s section on the Burberry site but is easily unisex…

Smythson still has the most exciting iPad Mini cases though – I’m now the lucky owner of this cherry red ‘Grosvenor’ (thank you Mr DRG). As well as being a looker, it’s an outstanding, functional piece of design with every detail carefully thought out (it even comes with its own glass cleaning cloth)…

Mulberry’s iPad Mini cases don’t arrive til November but Jimmy Choo has quite the jazziest one I’ve seen in its pre-fall collection. Admittedly, the Smythson and the Choo aren’t affordable to everyone (they cost £270 and £350 respectively), so another worthwhile option is the Knomo Folio. At £49, it comes in three colours of grained leather and rubber, making it lightweight but durable. It’s also designed to double as a viewing stand. Coach has a similar classic style for a not bad $128, but it’s more of a cover than a case so doesn’t protect the screen.

I also like these affordable Tyvek paper cases by Berlin brand Pappcase (top and below). There are numerous designs by various emerging artists, so they look good while helping to promote new talent. And the best bit is they cost a mere €22.95.






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  1. I completely adore the first one and the one by Jimmy Choo..so cool! 😀

    New post: http://giuliagalettibeer.wordpress.com/2013/07/18/style-lab-doddo-officina-indaco-outfit-1/

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