Buy it now: iPad Air is here (but selling fast)

My in-box is flooded with emails about the new iPad Air, which you can buy now on

I currently have an iPad 2 which I use at home and an iPad Mini for out and about – there’s no doubt that the iPad is a revolutionary piece of kit. Of course, I have now decided that what would really change my life is an iPad Mini Air. Which obviously does not exist. Ahhh, first world problems eh?! But seriously, I hardly ever need to take my laptop out of the office these days. Smart phones, tablets and phablets do all I need with the help of an app or two (hello Evernote).

You can buy the new iPad Air at John Lewis with two years guarantee, but do it quickly because I can see that half of the stock is sold out already…

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3 Responses to Buy it now: iPad Air is here (but selling fast)

  1. Tee hee 1st world problems I cannot believe how much time I spend on my various devices when only less than 6 years ago they never existed. My brother has the original ipod without the click wheel – how dated is that now! Oh Apple you really know your market, sucking us in to make new purchases every year!

  2. Eshé says:

    First world problems it certainly is… I have a mac, an iPad and a iPhone at home and I’m often like… Hmmm which device shall I use tonight? I think I was sucked in by the marketing!

  3. Katty says:

    Like it ..


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