In praise of Preen

According to Preen were channelling Lauren Hutton in American Gigolo on day three of New York Fashion Week. I can’t tell you happy I was to hear this. I love Lauren Hutton and have been lusting after an oversized silk satin shirt for like, months having spied la Hutton sporting the same in Ron Galella’s book Disco Years . The collection was big on sexy utility-wear so I’m calling it…Utility Luxe. I just love how you can add ‘luxe’ to any word and create a whole new trend!


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3 Responses to In praise of Preen

  1. Allure says:

    I love this collection, specially the sandals.

  2. discothequechic says:

    yes, yes, yes.

    Preen allll the way!

    It’s kind of reminding me of Stella M, but in a less feminine way.


    S xx

  3. Teresa says:

    I love the draping Preen had this season, very sexy.

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