I want, I want: Janette Beckman’s newspaper

At times like this I really miss the days of working in an office and having full time access to a colour photocopier. It made my Christmas wrapping process so much more fun. Just thumb through the pages of Vogue/World of Interiors/Interview, slap selected pages on copier, enlarge x200% and press copy. Result: lovely glossy A3 pages for personalised gift wrapping and a queue of disgruntled interns behind.

These days I have to settle for the lush pages of How To Spend It but I do find them a wee bit thin and those staples are a bore. So I love the idea of Brit photographer Janette Beckman’s ‘newspaper’, featuring 24 pages of her famous 70s-80s youth culture portraits. Perfect for wrapping anything music, photography or fashion-related  and yes, I would totally be that person who rescues the paper after the gift has been unwrapped…

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6 Responses to I want, I want: Janette Beckman’s newspaper

  1. 我 moi says:

    Oh true nostalgia for sure and what a lovely one too.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. A La Mode says:

    The imagery is so inspiring!

  3. That's Not My Age says:

    Top idea – didn't manage to buy any wrapping paper during my late night, drunken shopping spree!

  4. A says:

    That's a good idea, I would totally use that if I hadn't already wrapped everything in a frenzy of organisation.

  5. Duck says:

    Haha I also recommend going to Liberty and buying sheets of their amazing wallpaper to do your wrapping. Expensive at 8 quid a sheet, yes, but makes wonderful personalised wrapping for special friends…

  6. Chuck says:

    Oh… Don't know if I could wrap with that…

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