I want, I want: Apple bags

Who knows where the apple bag trend started? I don’t, nor do I care. I first spotted this Missoni one (above) in Vogue last year – or perhaps it was the year before – but silly me, was too slow off the mark to scoop one up. Then there was the Hermes ‘apple holder’ outcry. Who on earth would want or use such a frivolous thing? (Um, me?)

Now, Alice Temperley has jumped on the band bagwagon with this tasty twosome in festive red and green. Hopelessly impractical but utterly delicious!

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13 Responses to I want, I want: Apple bags

  1. WendyB says:

    Now I want one too!

  2. enc says:

    Those Temperleys Trump all. I love them.

  3. jeanie annan-lewin says:

    How cute are those i’m never a fan of small bags but these are super duper cute

  4. Big City Bumpkin says:

    so cute!!

  5. Glowing Doll says:

    I have a teapot bag. And I can completely understand your need for an apple bag. As long as you can get some cash in there, a phone, lipgloss and your house keys your set!

    I really like the red Missioni one from the Vogue pic.

  6. Helen-LG says:


    I don’t think I could ever use one as I have waaaay to much junk with me at all times but they are lovely

  7. coco says:

    They are really sweet. I don’t even think my phone would fit in there though.

  8. Sal says:

    Ooooh, I echo this impractical desire. Adorable!

  9. Top Bird says:

    Oh god, the Hermes green apple bag/holder thingy … just rad.

  10. Make Do Style says:

    I’m sure they’ve got them in dorothy Perkins too!
    Obviously I’d want the Hermes one but I am living a vocarious lux life whereas DP’s si more my reality!

  11. prettyneons says:

    Hello’s, oh my the apple bag tell me about it…I’m desperate for one of them desperate I say, hehe! I went to extreme lengths and made my own knock off version…needless to say the results were a little erm…different?
    Bows and Pompoms…

  12. atelier says:

    I love it too!!! I have written a post on it too, but it’s too expensive:(


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