I *heart* men in scarves

Men in silk scarves. Should be a no-no, right? And yet, these guys look perfectly relaxed and appropriate and not camp in the least (well, apart from the one with the Warhol-style coiff but even he looks great). Let’s break it down.

No 1 has just the right nonchalance to pull off a half-done knot and the rest of the outfit is understated thus letting the scarf do the talking.

No 2 has this whole studied-unstudied thing going on with the crumpled but tucked-in shirt, the rolled up sleeves and the subtle colour-matching of glasses to scarf. I think the word here is ‘comfortable’. He makes it look so easy!

No 3 is doing what I would have thought was impossible and making a silk square and a hoodie look uncontrived. How? Maybe it’s the attitude…?

I really like no 4 but that scarf arrangement would drive me nuts. How do you put a jacket or coat over it without constant readjustments? It looks bloody good though…

This last look is something very similar to what my D would do and maybe me too. It’s all about classic pieces. Individually, the jumper, coat, trousers and shoes, and indeed the scarf are quiet components but put together they just have a certain style that you can’t put your finger on.

Conclusion: Let’s see more boys in silk scarves please…

Hermes: Style.com. Others: The Sartorialist.com]

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10 Responses to I *heart* men in scarves

  1. pretty face says:

    What an appropriate post for Valentine’s Day 😉

    Really, these stylish outfits do add sooo much attractiveness for men though. Maybe I’ll have to create a ‘scarf’ radar or something…

  2. Make Do Style says:

    Hear hear!

  3. Sarah Edwina Rose says:

    I agree, a scarf enhances any man!

  4. Iole says:

    Love this blog and the pics.
    Hope to see you on mine
    xo xo

  5. dallaslaw says:

    Everyone’s comments are encouraging. Women’s views on men wearing a silk scarf seem to straddle the line between uber-stylish or foppery, depending on who is “looking” Nice to see the votes for the former and not the latter.

  6. Eda says:

    They look so stylish!

  7. Solo says:

    I can say that men’s who wear scarves are great one.specially when they know how to carry it when they wearing like that.it’s just ok to wer a scarves whether it’s a man or a girl.
    I love your blog..=)

  8. eleanor says:

    i thought i should let you know the effect this post had on me…..

    first picture: looks nice. why does he look so glum? the scarf is so bright and yellow. poor man.

    second picture: um, HALLO. you must be french. maybe i should go to france. we could share scarves. do you like coffee? we could go and get some coffee. yeah. good.

    third picture: maybe my dad should start wearing a silk scarf… i have plenty to lend him…hmmmmmm…

    fourth picture: omghoodiesilkscarfmindmeltiloveitsomuch


    i got no further with the post. i am currently trying to reassemble my brain.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Finally, a blog which speaks about men wearing scarves !
    I’m a man and I have a huge collection.
    you can see it on flickr, tell me what you think !


  10. frederic says:

    I love the second photo, very 70’s, I should try to wear my scarves this way too!

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