I heart art

Oh goody, I finally hauled my ass out east to the Elizabeth Peyton Live Forever exhibition at The Whitechapel Gallery and it’s fast becoming my favourite art hangout. Why?
1) The Koenig art bookshop
2) The chocolate brownies in the cafe
3) A Sophie Calle retrospective arrives on 16th October.

How many more reasons do you need?

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3 Responses to I heart art

  1. Jaiden Jeremy James says:

    i did enjoy it and its nice to have a local gallery on top form

  2. Make Do Style says:

    I know I know – I need to go!

  3. Inspire the Starling says:

    It's on my doorstep and I still haven't been – maybe I'll check it out this Bank Holiday weekend, as you recommend it ;)

    Hope you're well x

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