Human Made X Coca-Cola for Beams

Nigo has been off-radar for me for a long time but he’s popped back on since these pictures dropped in my inbox. The ex-owner of A Bathing Ape has dug deep into his extensive workwear and memorabilia archive to produce this teeny-tiny capsule collection for his latest brand Human Made, in collaboration with Japanese store Beams.

Reworking vintage Coca-Cola vendor-wear into these absolutely perfectly realised menswear staples (I mean, how good is that fluffy white Coke bottle tee?), it all comes from the heart. And I’ve gotta love this little quote: “I have been wearing Coco-Cola since back in high school – be it vintage T’s or my retro red Coke leather jacket, which is one of my most prized possessions. I was also the Japan Coca-Cola yo-yo champion back in the 80s, so this collaboration was a long time coming!” A Coca-Cola yo-yo champ – who knew?

The Human Made X Coca-Cola collection is available exclusively in Europe at Present London

[Images courtesy of Jake Fitzjones]

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  1. I like the sweatshirt – but it’s sold out!

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