How to wear a white shirt and jeans -part II

A while ago I posted a link to Square Old Soul’s ‘How to Wear a White Shirt and Jeans’ post. Her visuals included Erin Wasson in blousy white shirt and cut-off denim shorts, Kate Lanphear in baggy white tee and turn-up jeans, and Valentine Fillol-Cordier in belted paper-bag jeans and tucked-in shirt.

My default option for the look is a loose Levi’s off-white tee, turn-up straight-leg Levi’s and my new obsession, Church’s silver and black brogues – an early Christmas present courtesy of dear D (double click on the pic to enlarge). The finishing touch however is a huge blingy statement necklace bought earlier in the year on my jaunt to India where I was helping to launch a magazine. The necklace was actually borrowed for a fashion shoot but as is usually the way, having tried it on a number of times I decided it couldn’t go back and managed to strike a deal with the shop for a hefty discount (I’m sure it was overpriced anyway). The funny thing is, my co-workers really didn’t ‘get’ why I was wearing this beautiful piece of jewellery with what they saw as a tatty old tee. They totally didn’t appreciate my studied-unstudied aesthetic! However, Miuccia Prada has given it her blessing, her resort 2009 collection showed a very similar glitzy necklace and plain tee combo with the addition of a stonking pair of shoulder-grazing earrings.

What I love about this look is it’s so easily achievable. Who doesn’t have a white tee? And big vintagy necklaces can be found anywhere and everywhere or you can experiment and make your own by breaking up old jewels and re-piecing together (although personally, I love the idea but would never have the patience). Teen Vogue takes it a step further with clusters of diamante bracelets as well…

Tom Binns at Kabiri
Teen Vogue]

PS: I know posting has been slow this month but I’ve been horribly ill with some wretched hormonal ailments. I’m on lots of medication though so hopefully will be back in full time action soon.

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8 Responses to How to wear a white shirt and jeans -part II

  1. Allure says:

    I remember you mentioning that necklace when I wrote a post about rhinestone necklaces with t-shirts, but I couldn’t imagine it was so beautiful! It’s an amazing piece.

  2. Top Bird says:

    So sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so poorly, hon. Those meds sound truly vile. Rest up. Here’s to good health and lotsa happiness in the New Year.

    Nice post – those Church’s shoes look amazing. I’m actually stalking Church’s shoes on Ebay at the moment. As for white shirts and jeans, I just can’t wear ‘em – never had the body to pull ‘em off. Am a fan of tees and skirts, tho’. xx

  3. enc says:

    This is a great idea, something I can try with my existing wardrobe.

    I really like your version of it.

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    All I can say is, YES! Your necklace and shoes are beautiful.

    As an old bag, I find that the t-shirt, jeans, shitload of jewelry and statement-making shoes is a uniform that always works, for any age.

    Sorry you’re feeling bad, too. xoxo

  5. WendyB says:

    Funny, I don’t have many white tees or shirts! They discolor so easily. I stick to black mostly.

  6. Helen-LG says:

    Like Wendy I don’t really do white Tees, mainly because they lose that lovely crisp whiteness so quickly and also because I tend to speed up the process by slipping things all down myself!

    My mother was a master of dressing up the old faithful white T, wearing them with floor length skirts, jeans and pretty much anything else. Personally I sometimes think you want something fairly plain and – dare I say dull!? – under such a piece of statement jewellery, it lets it stand out and speak for itself.

    Lovely necklace btw – and Merry Christmas!

  7. kelsea says:

    great ideas and suggestions! love your blog

  8. Top Bird says:

    p.s. Been meaning to correct my comment after I re-read your post and noticed that the meds are actually *helping* (as oppposed to being utterly vile).


    Hope you’re feeling better… xx

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