House of fun

Sunglasses specialists Linda Farrow have just launched their etail site which is the perfect excuse to show you these bonkers House of Holland creations. Disappointingly (and rather confusingly), they’re not for wearing in the actual sun as they don’t filter UV light, but as a pair of fun-glasses they’ll do quite nicely.

House of Holland sunglasses, £111,

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19 Responses to House of fun

  1. Susan says:

    Very colourful, though curiously reminiscent of industrial safety glasses!

  2. Olivia Isabella. says:

    We don't get that much sun here in England anyway ;) It's sort of more appropriate!

  3. citygirlstyle says:

    These would both look very silly on me i think, due to my red hair! x

  4. * Reena Rai * says:

    It's very disappointing that the don't have UV protection, ridiculous in fact. But I think they are so much fun!

  5. Pearl Westwood says:

    Great for people who like wearing sungalsses inside, even when its dark! I do love the design!

  6. Snappy says:

    These sunglasses are brilliant! UV filter or not, who cares, they're a fashion statement anywhere!
    snappy x

  7. Style Eyes says:

    A real shame that they have no UV protection but they great for a fun look.

  8. teawithonesugarplease says:

    They're a great concept and perfect for wearing indoors and not so sunny days – which I guess is most days here in the UK

  9. Glowing Doll says:

    They're nice but for that kind of cash they could actually protect your eyes or maybe I'm just too fussy.

  10. Nataliexxx says:

    Ah! So cute & quirky -would definately rock this summer <3

  11. jasmine says:

    Those are sooo crazy and cool.

  12. WendyB says:

    Funny, I just tried on vintage glasses in orange and green like these. I think I was inspired to do it because I'd seen these!

  13. jessica danielle. says:

    These are so cute! The green ones kind of remind me of the Wizard of Oz for some reason haha.

    Great blog as well, definitely following you now :)


  14. Sidney says:

    Love those sunglasses! wish i was rich haha xx love sid xx

  15. kirstyb says:

    ha love them they look fab x

  16. Phoebe.Madeleine says:

    love them :)
    they can brighten up winter then!

  17. young-shields says:

    Love. It.

    I swear I will forever defend house of holland, I just think its fun stuff man.


  18. Izzy says:

    Love the post! Just to let you know I've given you the sunshine award! Congrats ;)

  19. MariamLovesJLS. says:

    awesome blog! i love the orange HOH glasses :D i want some.
    but £111 :O woah.
    am following you :)
    please follow me back!

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