Vacation booked? Well timed, H&M’s swimwear collection just landed*

The June issues of my favourite glossies have just landed, signaling a klaxon for all things holiday and beach-related. How timely then, that H&M’s swimwear campaign has also launched, featuring Gisele Bundchen in her natural habitat, that is, reclining on a rock dressed in little more than the skimpiest of bikinis and a spray of sea foam.

H&M’s swimwear is big on statement bikinis, especially ruffled, sporty and animal printed. Which isn’t to say that softly spoken options and one-pieces are entirely absent. The athletic cutaway cossie proves that a one-piece needn’t be the dull option.

And why not cover up in a paisley kaftan or graphic-print shorts for your après-beach Caipirinha? (The irony of writing this while swathed in a cashmere blanket is sadly not lost on me.) Whether you’re planning your getaway or just dreaming of one, the whole swimwear collection can be found on the H&M website and in stores now. And for your further encouragement and entertainment, do enjoy Gisele serenading us with her best Euro-beat rendition of Heart Of Glass


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