H&M hotties

Unless you’re being deliberately fashionably tardy on the designer/high-street collab front, you’ll know that the big wow of the week is H & M’s love-in with Comme Des Garcons. The collection is set to drop on Thursday morning and I’ve been advised by my mole to bypass Regent Street and Oxford Street in favour of Westfield or Knightsbridge if I actually want to buy something (as opposed to simply being crushed underfoot by hoardes of plat-heel wearing fashion freaks).

The tunnels and escalators of Oxford Circus tube station have been liberally plastered with posters of a polka-dotted Missy Rayder but the quirkier sighting for me was spotting this ancient poster for H & M at Marble Arch station a few blocks down. Check out Bridget Hall in her satin body (body!) back in the days when H&M used to be called ‘Hennes’!

Race you to the polka dot cardigans…

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9 Responses to H&M hotties

  1. Dressed and Pressed says:

    I miss the Hennes days… life was so much simpler then… *sigh*

  2. Big City Bumpkin says:

    wow. thanks for the tip. westfield, here I come…

  3. WendyB says:

    As Van Halen once sang, “I don’t FEEL tardy!”

  4. Top Bird says:

    Did you end up getting the Vogue preview invite? Mine never turned up, so I guess I lucked out on the ballot. I’ve since found people selling their tickets on Ebay!

    Thanks for the tip re. Knightsbridge and Westfield. Trying to work out which one to go for… They’ve limited purchases in Tokyo to two each.

  5. Make Do Style says:

    Ah Hennes and Maurtiz the good old days when it was merely one shop on Oxford Street opposite Topshop and was very Swedish and lovely.

  6. indigo16 says:

    It breaks my heart, but I am just way too old for this rugby scrum. Like you, I would love the spotty cardie.

  7. Style Eyes says:

    There has definitely been a lot of hype, I expecting great things.

  8. prettyneons says:

    I’m so excited about that collection coming out I can hardly contain the excitement! Damn its took long enough hasn’t it? *High Light* of the year by far.
    Peace and Bobbins…
    Prettyneons X

    Ps your blog is killing me, haha1

  9. miss cavendish says:

    I used to love Bridget Hall . . .

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