H&M autumn magazine

The new H&M autumn magazine is out and it includes main contributions from me and a couple of my blog buddies. This issue is its best yet, the layout is much cleaner and I absolutely love this cover of Magdalena, shot by Terry Richardson and styled by George Cortina (yes, that is an H&M outfit, including the lush boots).

I wrote a couple of pieces based around inspiration and mood boards, with a shout out to Blue from Jacky Blue. (I couldn’t use all her quotes so might reproduce my Q&A with her here at some point…)

Melanie Rickey wrote an article on autumn’s colour palette

Josh Olin’s autumn round-up featuring Sasha Pivovarova and her chameleon-like hair (check out the making-of vid here)

I loved reading Charlie Porter’s piece on The Allure of Menswear

More Magdalena…

Men of Style: The world’s biggest menswear stylists take their positions on the other side of the camera, photographed by Daniel Jackson

Behind the scenes video…

Susie Bubble’s favourite East End haunts

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5 Responses to H&M autumn magazine

  1. blue roses says:

    i’ve actually never read this magazine before, but i will say, you have me intrigued.

    those boots certainly do look quite lush, and i am not yet over the camel-tone craze, but are they real leather? question of the day…..


  2. Duck says:

    Ooh nice work! I also like the ChloĆ©-esque cover (loving their current TV ads too with same camel colours and fun soundtrack…).


  3. Roanna says:

    I just found your blog via @bryanboy. I love your header – it’s so fancy and colourful. How long have you had this blog? I’ve just started my own.

  4. Fab Mag. Mood boards are so inspiring, I wish I could mood board my day. GG

  5. Eve Maria says:

    I loved this magazine. :) I loved that the articles were long and wordy, yet the fashion shoots were accessible (obviously) since they were from H&M. :)

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