Hero tool alert! No more half-used tubes

How’s this for a cool beauty tool you never knew existed? Into The Gloss featured a Jurlique ‘tube crimper’ and everyone went mad asking where to buy one. Here’s the answer. You can buy the Tube-Wringer® from Tubewringer.com in three different strengths.

No more wastage of expensive toothpaste and hand creams, or having to resort to scissoring tubes in half to eke out the contents. All we need now is a prettier version (rose gold?) – and something similar for the pump dispenser…

[Main image: Into The Gloss]

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7 Responses to Hero tool alert! No more half-used tubes

  1. michelle says:

    that’s a wonderful product :)


  2. Lola says:

    I didn’t know these existed? and there’s me thinking I was on to a winner, I sort of “invented” this in my head… I just get so annoyed with my family when they can’t seem to understand that squeezing the of toothpaste tube in random places will result in A LOT of unnecessary waste! Squeeze from the bottom guys!

  3. Kit says:

    I have a prettier version for my toothpaste tube bought in HK for $5.

  4. Disneyrollergirl says:

    ooh show and tell then please Kit!

  5. Sandy Joe says:

    This is going to change my life! All my aésop products are in pesky tubes. This is AMAZING – thank you for sharing.


    The Pretty Secrets

  6. Aja says:

    I am that horribly tacky person that cuts the tube open and scrapes out the inside. This looks like a much more elegant solution! 😀

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