Hermes pop-up scarf boutique at Harrods

If this year wasn’t all about extravagant scarf prints, next year certainly will be. If you’re going to buy a posh silk scarf, you might as well make it an Hermes one and to entice you even more, Hermes has set up a special pop-up scarf boutique at Harrods (in the Room of luxury 2 on the ground floor) where every Wednesday and Friday afternoon between now and 2nd January 2012, you can learn how to tie a scarf like a pro.

I went down last week and in between catching up with Shini from Park & Cube and Khaled from Styloko, I was given a tutorial by Hermes’ ‘scarf stylist’ Stuart. I love my Hermes scarves but I really want to do more than admire them in their boxes. Stuart showed me how to fashion a quite spectacular ‘necklace’ by folding opposite corners of a silk square together to make a sort of tube and then tying a knot in the centre. You then tie knots either side of the first one and a couple more next to those but keep the knots close together. Finally, you tie the ends together round your neck. Genius! You can see the results in the photo Shini took below…

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to film Stuart making the necklace but I got him to demonstrate the super-simple technique below for my Youtube channel…

UPDATE: Harrods has added some photos from the press preview to its Facebook page

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5 Responses to Hermes pop-up scarf boutique at Harrods

  1. Emily says:

    The ‘scarf stylist’ is a really great idea; really enganging.
    I saw the pop-up store the other day and had to stop to admire the detailing of the Herm├Ęs scarves. I really love their colour and prints.

  2. Kit says:

    Awwww it looked so fun, too bad I wasn’t there to play with Hermes scarves as I’m currently stuck working in Hong Kong :S

  3. Disneyrollergirl says:

    Emily, don’t you love the orange and magenta colours together?

    Hey Kit, you were missed :(

  4. Shini says:

    Ah I was wondering if you were filming him teach you tie the scarf! By the time I left Harrods I couldn’t remember anything my stylist had taught me so this is perrrfect.

  5. I love this post! So full of colour and lovely to see you being photographed. My one Hermes scarf remains boxed, you’ve inspired me to give it an airing this Christmas x

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