Perfectly repurposed

Is this the ultimate in upcycling? For the next eight days, you might get a shock if you amble into Hermes’ New Bond Street store for a silk tie or scarf. The entire ground floor has been hijacked by ‘Petit h’, the luxe, upcycling arm of Hermes, for a unique selling exhibition.

Initiated by aristic director (and sixth generation Hermes family member) Pascale Mussard, the Petit h concept means that scrap leathers, imperfect silks and other discarded materials can be reimagined as new products, many with a witty (but useful) twist.

There are entry-point accessories around the £100-£200 mark (silk Christmas-decoarations-slash-bag-charms, pleated silk necklaces, porcelain rings) and furniture that doubles as works of art, such as Christian Astuguevieille’s £34,000 croc-clad side tables decorated with playing cards.

Faye Toogood took care of the windows and display installation. Instead of the signature orange we all recognise as Hermes, she went for a visceral red colour scheme. My favourite takeaway detail is that this shade of red is an actual patented Pantone shade called ‘Rouge H’. But of course!

Pleated necklaces from upcycled silk off-cuts – each one is unique

Silk necklaces, Christmas tree baubles and leather pendants

An Hermes bag hook!

Original equestrian stirrups and bells borrowed from the archive just for the display

Silk jewellery, a button bracelet and a novel new use for broken porcelain

The Hermes Petit h selling exhibition is at 155 New Bond Street, London W1 until 7th December

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