Hello sailor

2010 is mere hours away which means in fashion terms I’m thinking about spring – AKA all things nautical. Now that the Breton has gone bananas, I’m thinking about sending my stripes on sabatical* in lieu of something with a touch more whimsy. I’m feeling sailor collars. I found a lovely little tie-on collar a few weeks ago at The Cloth House in Berwick Street – one of the staff makes them and sells them for about £18.

The only problem with sailor collars is they’re not very throw-on-and-go. If you wear one on a top, a dress or as a piece in its own right, you can forget about trying to put a cardi, coat or jacket on top – it’s too much of a faff. Keep those for summer and focus on jackets and coats for now. This Topshop one is proving particularly popular.

*who am I kidding? Those stripes are going nowhere… Here’s some Breton candy as well…
[Pics – from various websites. If you spot your pic please let me know and I’ll credit you.]
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13 Responses to Hello sailor

  1. Random Fashion Coolness says:

    The sailor bits in the vid are from Sonia by Sonia Rykie. Some are available on Net-a-Porter


    One of the one's at start had beautiful little boats on the lapels.

  2. Make Do Style says:

    Gorgeous sailor post. Mmm yes stripes I'm afraid can't live without

  3. Rita says:

    What a lovely post!
    Breton stripes are so simple, yet so stylish… :)

  4. Emma says:

    I like this post, stripes are so classic!


  5. RedRuth says:

    Love it Sailor chick! Ruth @ Matches

    Check out Matches most stylish 2009and Happy New Year!


  6. Polly says:

    I love anything sailor themed, was eyeing some nautical sandals yesterday in the sales. I particularly like the jacket with the bows in the 6th picture down and the sailor playsuit. You've chosen such good pictures, it's a really pretty post .

  7. pretty face says:

    Spring! Hahaha! Funniest joke I've read today ;) xx

  8. That's Not My Age says:

    Never give up the stripes!

  9. WendyB says:


    I got a sailor dress this summer…not with a collar or stripes but at least there were anchors on the big buttons: http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2009/07/paris-day-3-bastille-day-with-tom/

  10. Anonymous says:

    that last one is from this blog — http://nancyandmarco.blogspot.com/. the girl who owns it puts together interesting outfits for herself and then illustrates them. i love her art :)


  11. ELLE says:

    OO I went into The Cloth Shop in Soho today and they had sailor collars for sale that you can sew onto anything. V. cute.

  12. The Fashion Buzz says:

    I am loving stripes will definitely be getting some more for spring / summer. Here are some of my favourite striped dresses http://www.the-fashion-buzz.com/2009/12/striped-dress.html

  13. Style Mews says:

    awwww i love the sailor collars, and i will not give up the breton!! tis timeless.. even if i have to hide it for a while during the crazed times!

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