Have you missed me?

Sorry for the protracted absence. I’ve been moving house and have been without internet for 2 weeks! And I’m too tight to pay to use it. I have however just found a local pub with free wi-fi so I’m frantically checking my 200+ emails and blogging as fast as I can before my laptop runs out of power. Normal services should be resumed shortly. In the meantime, here’s something I prepared earlier…

Well stone me. There was I, browsing the art bookshops of Charing Cross Road and what did I stumble upon? Only the book that I thought was but a mere figment of my imagination. Tim Walker, a photographer whose bonkers indoor-outdoor settings always makes me smile, who creates surreal assemblages and colourful fairytale-like fashion shoots for Vogue has at last published a book! Well, not quite. He actually has an exhibition on at this very moment in Hanover, Germany called ‘I Love Pictures!’ The book is the accompanying catalogue that goes with the exhibition and has somehow found its way to Koenig Books in Charing Cross Road. The exciting bit is that the exhibition is still on at the Kestnergersellschaft gallery until 4th November 2007*. Do I dare wish that the exhibition might make it to London?

*Eek, that’s today. Sorry German Tim Walker fans, I should’ve posted this sooner!

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9 Responses to Have you missed me?

  1. A says:

    yay!! you’re back! i’m afraid i don’t know much about tim walker, but i’ll definitely look him up

  2. discothequechic says:

    Well at least we can have a gawp at the book instead.

    I have missed your posts, but I hope that the house move is going well. You shall have to post on the decorating process!

    I’m so nosy when it comes to other peoples houses!

  3. Bobble Bee says:

    Nice to have you back! :)

  4. Blue Floppy Hat says:

    That sounds lovely, the book- and oh, what wouldn’t I give to be German just now..

  5. V*Kstro says:


  6. Dustcakeboy says:

    Glad you’re back.


  7. riz says:

    Aweome you’re back…I really lament the fact that I don’t live in London!!!

  8. hebden says:

    Yes, you have been missed…though as someone who is also too cheap to pay for the internet I understand the cause.

  9. Claire (Enchant and Doom) says:

    I saw this book while I was on a trip to Berlin recently. I considered buying it, but didn’t feel like lugging a book around all day. I’ve been kicking myself ever since. Sigh. Thanks for the reminder.

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