Haute totes

As the mood for next season promises to be a lesson in functional minimalism (yay!), it follows that bags will be just as sensible. So none of this small-scale silliness, we need proper totes to, well, tote our wordly goods in. Celine is already there with these AW10 super-soft red leather totes and will continue the directive with taller but just as useful bags for Cruise 2011.

Stuart Vevers is backing the trend with his Papelle collection of paper-look leather haute totes. Aren’t they lovely? (Although they do look rather similar to the Spooner & Watts bags below…)

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5 Responses to Haute totes

  1. Lis-x- says:

    Great bag! Thank god for minimalism!
    Off The Wardrobe

  2. Elena Vasilieva says:
  3. 00o00 says:

    i did the loewe x spooner watts bags a while back :) http://00o00.blogspot.com/2010/06/loewe-papelle-and-spooner-watts.html

    and is it wrong that i so desire those celine vertical totes. i really want one!

  4. Rebecca says:

    They are also extremely similar to the Slow and Steady Wins the Race bags…

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