Hate Uniqlo, love it’s new campaign

I don’t know why but I just don’t get Uniqlo. It’s a bit like M & S, everyone else raves about those fabulous finds but for me it’s Not Quite There. Yet even I have to hold my hand up and say its new T-shirt campaign rocks big time. UT is a new concept celebrating the T-shirt. Uniqlo has opened a concept store in Japan and enlisted a host of in-the-loop scenesters including Peter Saville, Gareth Pugh and Kim Jones to design a limited edition tee (yes, yawny idea but good choice of people). Not only that but king-of-cool Terry Richardson has been enlisted to shoot the tees which are modelled by the likes of Missy Rayder, Alison Mosshart and Terry himself. Now if that’s not fantastic marketing I don’t know what is.

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2 Responses to Hate Uniqlo, love it’s new campaign

  1. the lipstick lady says:

    i have NEVER found anything at M&S, it always makes me so sad that I have to buy an extra tub of the extremely chocolatey minibites just to console myself. Maybe it’s a ploy they’re doing… and I never really got uniqlo either, but the campaign really reminds me of a less pornographic american apparel. which is a good thing

  2. Mrs Fashion says:

    Nooooooooooooooooo! Richardson is an idiot and I’m fed up of his conceited tude which makes him think he should be in every effing picture that he takes. But Obv Uniqlo asked him to be in these snaps I guess? Why? It just looks so tired now. (See my previous rants on the subject!) It won’t encourage me to buy stuff from uniqlo I’m afraid and it will certainly make me steer clear of any billboards / backs of buses with tache boy’s mug on them. Grrrr.
    Mrs F x

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