Happy blog birthday to me!

So guess what? Today is the fifth (fifth!) anniversary of this here blog. Crazy, right? Five years ago, there was no Twitter (well actually there was, but only just), no Tumblr and no PRs schmoozing bloggers with products, trips and front row show tickets. Just a bunch of fashion enthusiasts geeking out to each other and getting to grips with technology. Oh how I laugh when I remember uploading 5mb pictures and wondering why it took so loooong.

The last year has been super busy with a new blog design, going public (remember when this blog used to be anonymous?), some great special projects, lots more freelance writing commissions and some fab press coverage. I’ve joined TumblrPinterest and Google Plus. But this year I intend to spend more time on the hands-on creative stuff and less time on Twitter the computer. It might mean I don’t have time to go to as many press launches or answer every email I get but I think it will make the blog better and me a bit less twitchy-eyed.

Thanks for reading and for the continued support!

[Image: Marilyn Monroe by Lawrence Schiller]

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6 Responses to Happy blog birthday to me!

  1. Kit says:

    Happy Blog Birthday! I discovered your blog via Grazia around late 2008 or early 2009 before the blogger trip to Paris. Man, time do fly so quickly….keep going strong Navaz!


  2. {gemmifer} says:

    Happy Fifth Anniversary of your fab blog! Here’s looking forward to all the great things to come.

    xo Jennifer

  3. Happy Birthday honey, take a well deserved pat on the back for holding blogging standards high and providing an interesting, intelligent and stylish way of looking at fashion. You are a real pioneer.
    I wonder where we’ll all be in the next five years?

  4. Happy, happy day to you.

    See you at Fashion Week!


  5. Ondo Lady says:

    Happy Blogging anniversary and well done to you for maintaining your high standard for all these years. Quite a milestone.

  6. SJP says:

    Happy Blogday! xx

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