Grazia loves you!

Oh my! Imagine my shock when I opened Grazia yesterday to see not just Susie Bubble from’s fringe-framed face peering out of the pages, but Michelle and Marie from It’s no secret that Tuesday is Grazia day in my household and this was like seeing my real-life friends in my favourite magazine. I felt so proud! It’s great that blogging is being taken seriously by print media but I was more enthused that it was “my” blogs that were being championed rather than any old blog. As much as I love and is a useful information resource, it was really gratifying to see real girls like Susie, Marie and Michelle being bigged up for their personal, independent fashion blogs that are labours of love toiled over in addition to their day jobs. Way to go ladies!

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6 Responses to Grazia loves you!

  1. katie-lilga says:

    must. buy. grazia. PRONTO!

  2. Blue Floppy Hat says:

    Woooot! Yay for the Bubble and the Kingdom!
    I don’t get Grazia here, but it was still great to see them in the scans..

  3. susie_bubble says:

    Ah… you are sans-internet! How painful! Thanks for the big-up post! I would have preferred it if they featured more ‘independent’ bloggers as opposed to online media-owned bloggers such as WWWD and Bagsnob…. but it was a good article nonetheless…

    Shame about the rough picture of me! Michelle would have photographed MUCH better….

  4. WendyB says:

    That’s awesome! I wish I could see it. Maybe I can find it in NY at one of the fancy newsstands.

  5. riz says:

    I thoroughly agree with your assessment. And it’s nice that the bid magazines pay attention to blogs that aren’t all about retail!

  6. Queen Michelle says:

    Hey thanks Rollergirl!! Group hug people!!!
    Susie, I can ASSURE you I would not have photographed better! When they suggested doing a shoot I was totally horrified! I was really busy taking care of my mum at the time I couldn’t commit anyway, so I was spared!

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