Gossip Girl vs Grace Mirabella

My Ibiza week-in-the-sun is fast approaching but I’m not panicking about packing just yet (even though Easyjet only has a measly 22kg baggage allowance. I mean what is that -22 bags of sugar? How many T-shirts and bikinis does that equal?). No, my dilemma is what reading material to take. I’m a self-confessed mag hag. Tuesday to me is Grazia-day, I literally leap out of bed – yes I really am that sad. The first week of the month is my highlight – I make a beeline for Elle (especially the portable mini mag size), Easy Living (for all those How To Relax, How To Manage Your Money, How To Zhuzh Up Your Live-Work Space articles) and Red (gorgeous ‘lifestyle’ fashion shoots featuring dogs, quirky props and hoards of cute little private-school kids). The following week I get UK Vogue, Elle Deco and UK Harpers Bazaar. Next it’s US Harpers Bazaar, US Vogue and Allure. Teen Vogue is a nice surprise which I buy whenever I see it on the news-stand – it doesn’t seem to come out at any set time. Then there’s the last week where I read the dregs of all the aforementioned mags I couldn’t get excited about before (namely celeb interviews and travel pages. And beauty articles about spas – does anyone actually go to spas apart from beauty editors?) So magazines are what I read at home which is why I have a backlog of books to catch up on.

The new Miranda July book of short stories is out now so that would be a good one for the plane (plus OK and Heat. I need some magazines and I only buy crappy ones if I’m travelling). Then I read a recommendation for Grace Mirabella’s autobiography on Cathy Horyn’s blog (http://runway.blogs.nytimes.com/) so I need to get that (if it’s half as good as Anna Wintour’s biography, Front Row then I’m totally sold). And Toby Young’s book The Sound Of No Hands Clapping I’ve been meaning to read forever. Finally, the Gossip Girl books. I never read these at the time and I’m certainly way too old now but hell, the TV series is coming out and I want to be ahead of the game. So…how much of the 22kg does that leave for my T-shirts and bikinis?

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12 Responses to Gossip Girl vs Grace Mirabella

  1. Mrs Fashion says:

    Ah-ha. So that’s how you spell zhush
    Mrs F x

  2. rollergirl says:

    Oh yes, I’m trying to get it into everyday usage. Pass it on…

  3. Emma says:

    J’aime Miranda July. And I love to hate the Gossip Girls.

  4. Dilemma says:

    I horde magazines too! I have old magazine from the 90’s that I love too much to throw away, it’s kind of sad.

    Oh, and about the Stella Tennant thing-I didn’t really hate her I was just going through a thing where I thought she looked strange with her new blonde haircolor[well at the time it was new] and I would always compare her to Gerard Way. haha. It was kind of stupid, but yeah. That’s the story! :]

  5. man bag says:

    ibiza…im jealous!

  6. alluretone says:

    i currrently reading front row- i haven’t had the time to read it but one page, but shool’s almost over so i should have time. gossip girl is addictive, i think i’m too excited for the show to start.

  7. emsie says:

    i wish i had enough money to buy magazines

    cheers for the comment, loved the little rant
    fair point :)


  8. muze1990 says:

    Gossip Girl! Those books are amazing. But our library doesn’t have all of the books :(! A TV-serie? Oeh oeh, tell me more about it! And that are a whole lot of mags you are bringing with you on vacation :).

  9. Cris Lazoru says:

    I adored Front Row and can’t wait for Mirabella’s! As for Gossip Girl they are highly highly addictive so be warned that if you don’t pack them all you will want to cut your lovely vacation short just to read more.


  10. Brian Mandabach says:

    I’m sure I much too late on this one, but I think maybe one Gossip Girl would be enough for one vacation. Don’t get me wrong, one of my top vaction memories of all time is floating on a pool chair in my drummer’s above-ground pool in Michigan’s UP, reading Gossip Girl: Nobody Does it Better and resting up for the gig,(“working” vacation) which happened to be called Goatstock and featured al fresco fried walleyed pike and grilled vennison along with barrels and barrels of beer. The guys in the band made fun of me for reading GG, but it was worth it.

  11. alexgirl says:

    Gossip Girls are way cheesy & trashy, but I’m a huge advocate, since my book is of a similar ilk–in fact, if you’re still looking for reading materials in mid-july, definitely check it out! (I’m shameless, I know.)

    And WOW. You read a lot of magazines. So does my sis.

  12. rollergirl says:

    Alex, I am SO buying your book!

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