Gone but not forgotten

A lot is being made of the supermodels revival and I for one am a fan. But I’m also a fan of a number of lesser known 80s/90s models. Think Agyness Deyn is a one-off original? Hmm, I feel I’ve seen her type before. Namely in one Jenny (Jeni?) Howarth, she of the cropped boyish hair and gangly limbs. (But could I find a picture? Hell no, but my search doth continue.)

Alice Temple is another short-haired tomboy from the 80s. An ex champion BMX-er no less she was an I-D covergirl and postergirl of the Paninaro scene (think Chipie jeans, Chevignon puffa jackets and Naf Naf hoodies). Then there was Ines de la Fressange, Karl Lagerfeld’s muse and one of the most famous models of the eighties. Gamine dark cropped hair and red lips were her trademark until she had a spectacular falling out with Karl, gave up modelling and set up her own fashion and ‘lifestyle’ label.

Where are they now? Jeni Howarth set up a childrenswear company and occasional models for her old agency Select, Alice Temple has lots of tattoos and makes music, while Ines de la Fressange hooked up with Bruno Frissoni and now runs the revived Roger Vivier shoe label.

Pics: Top: Alice Temple
Bottom: Ines De La Fressange
Essential reading: Arthur Elgort’s Models Manual

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3 Responses to Gone but not forgotten

  1. Chocolate & cherries says:

    I know exactly what you mean, the first time I saw Agyness Deyn I thought she seemed almost familiar and yet people were raving about how “different” she was

  2. thoughts running through my head.... says:

    I dont like AD’s look at all-she is nothing compared to JH for example-another big model I recall from the 80’s is Talisa Soto,I cant remember al the names of the girls who were big back them I do rememeber their faces!

  3. rollergirl says:

    Oh yes, LOVED Talisa! Did she go out with Nick Kamen? Or someone like that? Then she bacame a bond girl..

    All the models I like have got short hair (like moi)!!!

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