Go create: Mango’s Mix and Match tool

As etailers increase their editorial content and editorial sites flirt with ecommerce, things are becoming very interesting for the consumer. For starters, I’m loving Mango’s how-to tutorials – beautifully shot, engaging and genuinely useful. But this post is about Mango’s Mix & Match tool.

We all appreciate playful tools like Polyvore and etailers are showing great innovation in making these styling toys work for customers in a way that translates to sales. The point of editorial content on etail sites is to keep customers coming back (and hopefully spending), so dress-up styling tools are a simple way to make that happen. Let me make this clear – they are completely addictive! And Mango’s has a ‘share’ button so you can spread the love, get a second opinion and get your friends addicted too.

I had a play and came up with this Chloe-meets-Luella equestrian affair in a palette of camel, inky denim and powder blue. Classic, unfussy and just-feminine-enough. Even better would be some tools to play with hair and make-up. Wouldn’t a scribble of YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture Le Rouge lipstick have been the perfect beauty accessory?

How would you improve this outfit? More accessories? More colour? More pizzazz? Comment below…

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4 Responses to Go create: Mango’s Mix and Match tool

  1. Beautiful Things says:

    Yup! It's addictive.

  2. Cindy says:

    I can see how that can become addictive! That's interesting, will go check out the Mango site and play around with it.

    Cindy @ http://www.kailique.com

  3. The Very Simon G says:

    I think it's your style to a tee, which is what the tool is there for I guess, to see what everything looks like on! Nice work Mrs. I'm gonna try mine in a mo! x

  4. Lady Viviane Mae says:

    Lovely outfit. But don't the pants look a little, … Cameltoe?

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