Givenchy’s killer couture in Twitpics

Channelling Japanese Transformer toys, Riccardo Tissci’s couture collection for Givenchy was a tribute to dancer Kazuo Ohno and featured breathtaking winglike applique, a palette of ecru sliced with elegant neon highlights (“inspired by dried flowers”) and more killer headwear by Philip Treacy.

My favourite Twitpics below (double click to enlarge):

[Twitpics from Twitter, @vmagazine, @johnsecret, @Jessicamichault, @annadellorusso]

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6 Responses to Givenchy’s killer couture in Twitpics

  1. Style Eyes says:

    Amazing, thanks for sharing. I love the detail and neutral neon colour combination.

  2. lipstickandzines says:

    What a lovely color palette!

  3. Buy WoW Warlock says:

    i so LOVE this collection. killer oriental princesses!!! rawr!:D

  4. Duck says:

    Hahaha I love Anna dello Russo! When I open my first restaurant (when I am ~40 I think), I want Riccardo to design the interior in the same vein as his Givenchy couture work. Not the RTW, I want couture.


  5. safra says:

    it's the best of the haute couture collections.

  6. queen michelle says:

    If I ever got married I'd love it to be in Givenchy couture. Infact, I'd get married just to be able to wear Givenchy couture!

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