Girls On Wheels #8

Still not bored of girls on rollerskates/bikes/skateboards…

1 Brooke Shields John G Zimmerman
2 Fiorucci ad
3 Haywood Magee Ph
4 Cara-Delevingne-skateboard-Matt-Irwin-styleCom
5 rollerskates
6 Anke Eve Goldmann
7 Brooke-shields-demarchelier-vogue
8 Dior stockings
9 Erin Wasson David Mushegain
10 hermes-skateboard-NATHANIEL-GOLDBERG
11 Liisa Orgna via Not Just a Label
12 Natalie Rukavishnikova
13 Oyster
14 Ph-Jack-Robinson-Vogue
15 lolitaishTumblr
16 Liisa Orgna via NotJust a Label
17 kreastivTumblr
18 rollergirls-lesley-silwood
19 Shalom-Harlow-Arthur-Elgort-Vogue
20 Tony Hawk daughter
21 Ph-Jason-Lee-Parry
22 tumblr_m3ie7oOwwh1r3qmdlo1_500
23 ph Karrah-Kobus
24  Unknown
25 Venetia Scott
26 Sara-Eileen-PH-Maurice-van-den-Tillaard,
27 Vogue Germany Edie Campbell
28 Anna-Hollow
29 tumblr_lyicc89QXi1qf6o97o1_1280

Brooke Shields by John G Zimmerman; Fiorucci; Haywood Magee; Cara Delevingne by Matt Irwin/; Source unknown; Anke Eve Goldmann; Brooke Shields by Patrick Demarchelier/Vogue; Source unknown; Erin Wasson/David Mushegain; Nathaniel Goldberg/Hermes; Liisa Orgna via Not Just a Label; Natalie Rukavishnikova; Oyster; Jack Robinson/Vogue; Source unknown; Liisa Orgna via Not Just a Label;; Lesley Silwood; Shalom Harlow by Arthur Elgort/Vogue; Tony Hawk and daughter; Jason Lee Perry; Source unknown; Karrah Kobus; Source unknown; Venetia Scott; Sara Eileen by Maurice Van Den Tillaard; Edie Campbell/Vogue Germany; Anna Hollow/; Source unknown;

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  1. Natalie says:

    Hi if you’re in Cape Town, come check us out,


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