Girls on wheels #7

[Images: Ph: Venetia Scott/Ph: Mario Sorrenti/Diana Ross – Ph unknown/Ph: Marcus Mam for Tank/ Ph: Robert Doisneau / image: image: Audrey Hepburn/ image: Katharine Hepburn /Ph: unknown/ Image: Patti McGee /Ph: Arthur Elgort / Image: Ellen Oneal/image: Vivienne Westwood Aw12/ image: Ellen Oneal/ images via Soyons-Suave x 3 /image: Life magazine/ image via Soyons-Suave/image: Ellen Oneal/ images via Soyons-Suave x 2 /image: Carre Otis / image via Soyons-Suave/ Ph: Richard Avedon

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2 Responses to Girls on wheels #7

  1. Do love that picture of Katharine Hepburn on wheels.

  2. Krista says:

    I used to do this as a kid and it was so much fun. I remember the metal ones you would attach to your sneakers. Fun, fun, fun!

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