Girls on wheels #5

[Image credits:
Bike Ladies Unite
Bike Ladies Unite
Corinne Day
Jessica Hart
Bike Ladies Unite
Bike Ladies Unite
Olympia Le Tan
Elle Canada
Lisa Eisner
Louise Dahl Wolfe
Elfie Semotan/Allure]

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4 Responses to Girls on wheels #5

  1. Joana says:

    I love the photo with the pre-teen girls and boy. Girls “on wheels” is sexy.

  2. The model on the micro scooter has just changed my life. How do I become her? You need to do a book called Girls on Wheels. I’d totally buy it!

  3. Want a picture of me on my bike?!

  4. rhorsley says:

    Models can get asked to do the craziest things. And yet people think they have easy jobs. I think I’d kill myself if someone needed me to wear heels like those and ride a scooter.

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