Girls on wheels #4

[Image credits: The Sartorialist/Self Service/Vogue Paris/Juergen Teller x 3/ Steven Meisel/Alan Clarke/various]

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5 Responses to Girls on wheels #4

  1. What a lovely post! I like all the photos. Women look so beautiful on wheels.

    Lola La Fleur

  2. Blink London says:

    another inspirational selection of shots. Thanks!

  3. I just adore that Ava shot x

  4. Rowena B says:

    awwwww – this is perfect for my Friday morning. And naked skateboarding is defo the way forward.

  5. You’ve gone straight to my heart with this series – girls on wheels rock! I think the primary reason I love living in Cambridge (aside from the fact that all the buildings look like Hogwarts and the preppy boys float up the river on Punts reading Byron and wearing rolled up pink chinos) is that bicycles are king. I’ve now perfected the art of cycling my Pashley in 4″ heels and a dress (and can outpace all the boys doing so), where previously I failed miserably at the skateboard and rollerskates (fancied myself as a mini-Farrah Fawcett at age 15).

    Briony xx

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