Girls on wheels #2

Teen Vogue I love you…

[Pics: Hans Feurer]

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6 Responses to Girls on wheels #2

  1. Make Do Style says:

    So cute! Cute is a dreadful word but I'm going with it. Joyful, what joyful images – love 'em.

  2. Flo E says:

    I love this shoot.
    I'm heading to the end of my teenage years (I'm 18) and my parents are threatening to cut off my subscription to Teen Vogue, but I think that their shoots are just gorgeous.
    I've cut these pictures of the magazine and stuck them up on my wall (I'm still you enough to do that).

  3. Meggie says:

    So pretty! Last summer I thought bike shorts (the summer version of leggings) were really gonna hit it, I predicted that's all I would wear all summer, as I did at 9 years old…layering them under stuff seems very off the runway and cool, maybe i'll have to give it a try.

    RARE Liberty print Cacharel skirt, Yves Saint Laurent jacket, and Missoni tank dress for a STEAL!

  4. Elena Vasilieva says:

    great pics. love the outfits

  5. Raji says:

    So adorable
    These remind me of how fun summer can be
    Damn exams!

  6. FinkPinkBebe., says:

    I Love This, Ive Invested In A Pair Of Rollerskates (More Like My Dad Did) And I Plan On Wearing Then In summer With Oversized Glasses & Hotpants!
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