Girlfriend in a kimono, (I know, I know)

[Images: top to bottom
Jak & Jil
Beautiful Soul SS11 x 2
Citizen Couture
Topshop ss11
Dior 07 couture/
Topshop SS11

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8 Responses to Girlfriend in a kimono, (I know, I know)

  1. Wild Goose Chase says:

    I heart your blogs Roller Girl, and that you have Disney in your name!

    Please follow me at

    clicky clicky :)

  2. Make Do Style says:

    Lovely images and mu fav is one with turban. I'm so in need of turban – it is top of my list.

  3. Anastasia and Duck says:

    Oh I do love a shot of Catherine Baba in the morning!


  4. Nicola-Beautiful Soul says:

    Thank you for your support Disney Roller Girl.

    Nicola, Beautiful Soul x

  5. discotheque confusion says:

    cor blimey, I'm wearing mine now! though the idea of wearing it always seemed sort of wrong as it's so lovely and delicate and best worn with bare legs and a cosy jumper in front of the laptop. this image is probably the product of watching too many seasons of sex and the city. having said that I have seen a couple of women wearing theirs on the street and looking rather marvelous. hmmm..

  6. discotheque confusion says:

    ps. brill title..

  7. That's Not My Age says:

    Ha ha! Love the title.

  8. Nicole says:

    Title cracked me up no end! I've been stalking some vintage kimonos for a while now, this post may just be the kick up the ass I need to just buy one.

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