GEEK ALERT: Polaroid party this evening!

After I blogged about The Impossible Project last Sunday, I was more than a little surprised to receive an email to my non-Disneyrollergirl email address from Urban Outfitters about the same project. Turns out that Urban Outfitters is getting right behind The Impossible Project and supporting it with an exclusive event this evening. Urban Outfitters will be selling special edition Polaroid camera kits for £160 at the flagship store in Oxford Circus which include a limited edition tote bag. Not only that but there is an accompanying exhibition which explains all about The Impossible Project’s mission as well as showcasing some golden oldie Polaroid cameras from days gone by, including ones collected by Urban Outfitters’ own Rob Loeber who sources them from charity shops.

You can also buy packs of the last remaining Polaroid film (which you’ll need if you’re buying the camera – duh) but if you help back The Impossible Project you can save Polaroid film from extinction.

Get your geek on! If you’re quick you can also buy one of the specially produced tote bags for £10. Yay, Polaroid power rules!

[Double click pics to enlarge]


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3 Responses to GEEK ALERT: Polaroid party this evening!

  1. LamiatS says:

    This looks cool! I have many of those Polaroid cameras myself; boot sales are the best places to find them for £3-£7 each. I can't justify spending £160 on a Polaroid camera though…

  2. roxy B says:

    That barbie camera rocks!

  3. WorkItBerk says:

    This sounds like fun!

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