Welcome back, Gap!

Oh happy days! Gap’s fortunes are on the upswing and to celebrate, the new collections are getting ready to drop. The latest in-store and marketing campaign Back To Blue has already arrived, celebrating true blue denim in all its forms. (I have another post cooking about that but for now all you need to know is the sexy boyfriend jeans are an out and out winner if you’re truly over skinnies.)

If you’ve been following Gap news, you’ll know that product-wise there’s a new cleaner, minimalist look going on that most people are pinning to the influence of new creative director Rebekka Bay. A little bit Scandi (Bay arrived from COS), a little bit Celine, and a little bit New-York-nineties-Helmut-Lang, I think this is a great aesthetic from Gap. I’ve seen the product up close and can vouch for some excellent cashmere crew neck knits, flattering skinny cords and a standout wool flannel bodywarmer. Yep, Gap’s getting its groove back…

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4 Responses to Welcome back, Gap!

  1. Oooh me likey the look of this A LOT.

  2. I’m a big Gap fan & pleased that it’s getting its groove back.

  3. Now they just need to bring back their fantastic TV ads. Especially the Christmas ones.

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