Furry footwear part 2

More furry footwear comes courtesy of Nina Ricci. These are for those who suffer from that common complaint known as a ‘chilly instep’…

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7 Responses to Furry footwear part 2

  1. Susan says:

    …just as Summer is almost upon us, great!

  2. Anastasia and Duck says:

    Oh, I think I kind of like these… Do you know, real or fake? I still haven't completely made my mind up about real fur. I have worn it but I don't actually own any atm…


  3. ITSCCChaneey. says:

    -ahah, they're gorgeous.
    im loving the first pair,
    havea good day,

  4. Pink Julep says:

    AMAZING! Love them!!!

  5. Eliza says:

    so much fuzzy! I love it :)

    Thanks SO much for taking the time to come by my humble little blog and casting a vote. I really really appreaciate it!!


  6. Rollergirl says:

    Susan: Well, you know what British summers are like…

    Anastasia & Duck: I'm guessing real? But let's know get into the real/fake debate

  7. Anna says:

    i like the grey's…

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