Front row faces SS12

I’ve never bothered with the front row pics on (ugh, ghastly celebs!) but I had to do some research for a publication so I had a wee nose. And frankly I was hooked!* These are my favourites…

Garance and her million dollar euro smile at Miu Miu

Melanie Thierry at Miu Miu (who is she?)

Caroline Seiber at Louis Vuitton in what looks like Sofia Coppola’s LV Cruise 2012 collection. Can anyone confirm? *Pages Red Carpet Fashion Awards*

Ines de la Fressange at Chanel – impeccable!

Laura Bailey wearing Topshop at Burberry

Ellen von Unwerth at Chanel

(*actually slight exageration, I got bored after 5 minutes but anyway…)

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2 Responses to Front row faces SS12

  1. I get SO excited about front row fashion but then I am kinda obsessed with celebs. and you’re right, Caroline Seiber is wearing LV cruise 2012


  2. These are gorgeous. Love the pyjamas and Ines and Ellen ( I saw a photo of her last week & she might be my new grown-up lady crush!)

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