From the vaults: Tim Walker

Before Tim Walker became famous for his fantastical set-piece shoots, he did lots more of this sort of stuff – funny fashion, often set in the countryside, very British and upbeat. I love fashion shoots like this where the clothes aren’t the focus but the pictures are just so jolly and sweet.
[Pics: Allure, Sept 1998]
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7 Responses to From the vaults: Tim Walker

  1. atelier says:

    Great photos, Walker is an amazing photographer. I like the Britishness (if that word exists) of the scenes.

  2. That's Not My Age says:

    Whilst I like all his fantastical stuff, I do prefer the simpler shoots. I have an old tear sheet from Italian Vogue of one of his still life pics – it's a coat hanger and some roses, which is gorgeous – even if I haven't made it sound that great!

  3. A La Mode says:

    Such wonderful photos!

  4. Inspire the Starling says:

    …always a legend!

  5. Style Mews says:

    omg i absolutel love these!

  6. P R I M O E Z A says:

    i totally agree with you

  7. Razzi says:

    Really cool, I love everything British. Except when someone bumps into you, and you still say sorry! hahah I don't know what the deal is with english politeness…


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