From the vaults: Honey magazine 1985

Having been in the game a long time, I’ve amassed an extensive archive of books, magazines, cuttings, tears and general crap visual stimuli. Now’s the time to share, one bite at a time…

I love the cinematic quality of these pictures back in the days when fashion wasn’t so sex-obsessed…

[Pics: Martin Brading]
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14 Responses to From the vaults: Honey magazine 1985

  1. Fabric Nation says:

    How I loved this magazine. I think I managed to hang onto a copy somewhere. Great choice of photos.

  2. miss milki says:

    I love these photos. I hope this will be a regular feature! :)

  3. Make Do Style says:

    I use to love this magazine so much and do you know what you've hit the nail on the head. This editorial is so inspiring it is cinematic but also it conjures up a look and a place. I just want to copy and dash off to the beach.

  4. Anonymous says:

    the hypersexed fashion shoots don't make me feel like having sex anyway so what's the point?

    these are more sexy. Time for change.

  5. enc says:

    I love these images for the same reason. I sometimes get so bored with everything having to be sexy all the time. If I tried to do "sexy," I'd be a laughingstock! It's just not me. Long coats, that's me.

  6. WendyB says:

    Great pictures…wow, it really takes me back!

  7. The Hunter says:

    Great pics,
    Love it!

    The Hunter x

  8. Style Scanner says:

    That's so fresh looking and very inspiring!

  9. Couture Cookie says:

    Stunning… unfortunately, I do not remember the magazine. I guess I missed out!

  10. jacky says:

    I loved Martin Bradings work.
    these were shot on Camber Sands Beach and i just happened to be there for some reason , saw him shooting this editorial..such a thrill for a young fashion student back in the day!!!

    BTW we at jackyblue love your blog.

  11. Rollergirl says:

    Shut UP Jacky!! What are the chances of that? That I would put the post up, that you were actually there, AND that you saw this post? Bananas! (PS, loving your work too x)

  12. Mimi says:

    Makes me think of Koto Bolofo stories – oh those were the days. Lovely B&W images and Camber Sands was the location all year long. Nice work drg x

  13. jacky says:

    the funny thing is is that i actually have a little shoot that i did of friends at Camber on a dull day with the tide out inspired by this editorial back in 85.
    when i get my hands on them i will post them and give you a good laugh!!
    (im in the middle of a renovation and all my stuff like that is in storage for another month…)

    its a small world miss rollergirl.

  14. thedailydoll says:

    These photos are so great. I also hope that you start to regularly post stuff like this.

    PS: Really glad to have found your blog, it's so inspiring. :)

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