From Hello Kitty to Hi Panda

Back in ‘my day’, Japan – OK, Tokyo – was the epicentre of all things creative, cool and youth culture-y. Off-radar designers, collectible trainers, ‘kawaii’ cartoon characters, they could all be found centred in the streets of Shibuya. But now? It’s all about China of course. Cue Hi Panda, a brand that encompasses fashion, art, ‘hip-pop’ and lifestyle.

The cartoon-graphic brand is the brainchild of Chinese artist, Jiji and is part-owned by one Antoine Arnault who also happens to be Louis Vuitton’s head of promotions. Working its way around the world, Hi Panda arrives at London’s Harvey Nichols¬†this month. Starting with mens streetwear, the womenswear arrives in September and then in October the fourth floor finally gets its groove on with a mini pop-up exhibition of Hi Panda sculpture, paintings and silk screen prints.What’s appealing to me are the sculptures (I can’t get excited about the tees – seen one cartoon tee, seen ‘em all). These are serious artworks – Jiji has recently been invited to participate in an exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Museum and earlier this year showed at Paris’ Palais de Tokyo. While the larger four-foot-high pieces may be out of my price range, all bases are cover and there will be smaller figurines on sale from ¬£50. Be warned though, these sold out pretty sharpish when they went on sale at Colette.

Top: exclusive Hi Panda T-shirts for Harvey Nichols
Middle: Hi Panda sculpture
Bottom: Hi Panda figurine]

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7 Responses to From Hello Kitty to Hi Panda

  1. Pargy says:

    Love it; sooo cool. I love anything to do with pandas anyway some I'm a bit prejudiced! :-P Popartrockgirlyeah!

  2. Rose says:

    yes I can see those being massive

  3. Style Slicker says:

    I'm still collect Hello Kitty toys :S

  4. WendyB says:

    I can't deal with this panda's anger. I recommend a little Botox between the eyes.

  5. Mademoiselle Robot says:

    I love that he looks so completely pissed off.
    I can relate to that.

  6. SHOPJNSQ says:

    menacing yet adorable. Very cool!

  7. 5amjetaime says:

    {hi from california} woo! thanks for sharing! surprisingly, i have a panda gal friend for these cute pandas! i just got my new pandagirl journal not long ago on campus^__^


    {i blog about asian related fashion/style, so i'm an asian fanatic…my site:}

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