Friday fun

I know it’s naughty but I haven’t been to the Hussein Chalayan exhibition at the Design Museum yet. Is that really bad? Oh well. On Friday that might change as the Design Museum hosts Eureka Night, an evening of creative fun and idea-sharing. I’m particularly looking forward to the accessories workshop with Fred Butler and Piers Atkinson. Tickets are a mere £5 in advance which I think is well cheap for 4 hours of entertainment.

On the subject of the Design Museum, I’m itching to know more about the rumour that the Design Museum is moving to the Commonwealth Institute. Anyone know anything? I’m hoping it’s true as it’s closer to home than Shad Thames and I have a particular soft spot for the building. Not really because of the architecture (OK, I like that too) but I spent many lunchtimes in my teens hanging out there as it was at the bottom of the hill from my school. Once me and my friend Tara spent a week raiding chocolate from a faulty vending machine. Well, wouldn’t you do the same if your 20p kept coming back out of the slot with the Curly Wurly/Twix/Kit Kat? Oh, that reminds me, if the Design Museum does move west, will the Konditor and Cook cafe move too? These are the questions I will be seeking answers to on Friday…

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2 Responses to Friday fun

  1. Cassiopeia says:

    AH! Why does this have to be before I've finished my dissertation?!?!?! *Tears hair out in frustration* – want to go so so so much! Haven't been yet either, but am back in London-town on the 7th, so hopefully will go then. Cannot miss the exhib. That would be painful. I remember when he was part of an exhib at the V&A and it was just *beautiful* in a museum-presentation-setting… Woop!


  2. Isabelle says:

    Wooh that looks fun! Yes I haven’t been either… Shocking. Definitely going before it shuts, definitely!

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