Free designer bags at Selfridges!

I wasn’t sold on Selfridges’ Pantone-shade-109 yellow collab with various designers to commemorate their centenary. A yellow Mulberry Bayswater? Um, no thanks. But this I like…

Selfridges has enlisted Vivienne Westwood, Giles Deacon, Paul Smith and Stella McCartney to each design a limited edition carrier bag to help with their celebrations. The bags will launch in Selfridges’ stores nationwide on May 1st, available to customers in fashion and accessories and are set to become overnight Ebay sellouts collector’s items. My favourites are the Giles and Vivienne Westwood bags. Only problem is I’m on a spending diet at the mo – does a copy of Grazia count as a fashion accessory?

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2 Responses to Free designer bags at Selfridges!

  1. Film Upstart says:

    Mmm how about a pair of socks, will that count? Yes they are great bags but with no money….

  2. Helen-LG says:

    oooh nice idea! The Deacon bag is much more usable than the dress – I’m not sure I’d suit that particular shade of yellow and with my glasses I’m already a ‘4-eyes’ would the dress make me 6-eyes?

    As Film suggests, socks are the way forward!

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