Fornasetti’s secret garden

The arrival of a new Fornasetti Profumi product is always a big event in my book and the latest, Giardino Segreto is no exception. Unveiled in a ‘secret garden’ bursting with roses, hydrangeas and spring foliage, it evoked the mysterious, dreamlike world of the Fornasetti garden in Milan.

The room fragrance and candles (just landed at Selfridges and Harrods) straddle both dry green notes and warm woody notes. If you like invigorating herby scents like bergamot, thyme and cedar wood, then this is one for you. It’s a fresher fragrance than the headier Otto (my go-to candle) but no less intoxicating.

And of course, when it comes to Fornasetti, it’s not just about the scent. The olfactory style and visual style of these whimsical decorative objects go hand in hand, so do stop to appreciate Piero Fornasetti’s illustrative balustrades, foliage and symbolic peekaboo owl. (Owls mean different things in different cultures but in Italy, they’re considered good-luck symbols)…

Also new from Fornasetti Proformi by the way, is the hydrangrea-inspired Flora Di Fornasetti in the Ortensia design, now in a supersized three-wick candle (£380) – surely the ultimate indulgence?

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2 Responses to Fornasetti’s secret garden

  1. i see no croissants and pastries when i got there, you ate them all!!!! humpffff!

  2. Disneyrollergirl says:

    @What’s He Wearing Haha you shouldve got there earlier. There were pastries, champagne, Boylan’s cherry soda, oh the feast we had!

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