Floral tribute

I know, I know, I’m as over high-street-slash-celebrity-slash-designer collaborations as you are but this one’s a goody. Celia Birtwell for TopShop’ s autumn offering consists of a delectable selection of oh-so-romantic floral maxi dresses which are scheduled to land at the end of July. There are 250 of each style and they will be available at Top Shop Oxford Circus and online only.

Let the stampede commence!

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3 Responses to Floral tribute

  1. discothequechic says:


    shesssh! they are very nice though. But there are lots of other floral maxi dresses on the high street at the moment which would probably be cheaper. Topshop seem to be getting rather steep these days.


    S xx

  2. blushing apples says:

    arr… we dodnt have a top shop in the us, but i guess that means eBay.

  3. Emma says:

    ah, florals. i usually don’t love them but those are fab.

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