Firenze4Ever part 2: Mulberry’s Tuscan tea party

Far too much fun was had at the launch of Mulberry’s coffee table book on day 2 of Luisa Via Roma’s Firenze4Ever, where we played with the giant gold Mulberry bag, got tangled up in bag-shaped balloons and decorated our own sponge cakes. Mulberry must be celebrating with more than cake today as it releases the news that pre-tax profits are up 358%. I’m willing to bet that the next year’s trading will be just as healthy with the launch of the Polly Push Lock bag. (I originally heard this as ‘Polly Posh Lock’ which I think sounds even better!)

Am I the only fashion editor that doesn’t own a Mulberry bag? My bad but the Polly Push Lock ticks all my boxes – it’s a great size, I love pebbled leather, the AW11 palette is beautiful and its briefcase-y shape makes it slightly masculine which of course is very me.

Polly Push Lock AW11

Mulberry tea party guests: La Carmina and Seba, Wendy from Nitrolicious, Bryanboy, LibertyLondonGirl

Goody bags, the book, and DIY cake-decorating

Sorry bloggers, Mulberry’s visual merchandising supervisor Marina Dego-James was the belle of the ball in her shirtwaister dress and suede boots

Lovely Emma Hill, Mulberry’s creative director

The effervescent Sandra from Sandra’s Closet

Here’s a wee Q&A Mulberry did with me at their tea party

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4 Responses to Firenze4Ever part 2: Mulberry’s Tuscan tea party

  1. marina says:

    So happy you enjoyed the event!!!!

  2. Pixie says:

    Oh Mulberry, every girls must!

    P.S. I adore that cake you photgraphed. Simply colourful and adorable. Makes me want to dive into the picture and take a big bite out of it hehe.

  3. It *was* fun, wasn’t it? Not something I normally say about work dos. LLGxx

  4. Chuck says:

    The new bags are GORGEOUS! I find that a lot of Mulberry’s stuff, although I appreciate it, hovers on the border of being too girly for me but these are fab.

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